I am in love with Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, and all things Disney. I believe in dreams and in the dreamer. I have webbed toes and an oversized heart on my sleeve. I am deathly afraid of mediocracy but unflinching in the face of failure.

Hello.  My name is Kelli Miguez and I don’t have all the answers.  I do have a lot of questions, though.

I like to seek out the answers to these mysteries through writing and photography.  Sometimes together, sometimes separately.

I used to have a fancy newborn portrait studio that I loved dearly, then life took a detour (as it often does) and here I am.  Where is here?

It’s the intersection of truth and beauty.  Honesty and art.  I like to write about my messy feelings and photograph the authenticity of life and people that I find gorgeous.

While I don’t have all the answers, I believe I have one– love.

I am Kelli Miguez. Writer. Photographer. Dreamer. Lover.